Saturday, 2 September 2017

My Love - Pristina + Vlorë, Albania

    This trip was very special...I've decided to spend my 30th birthday in a different way...Instead of having a big party, I've decided to run away :) A sweet escape, literally. The plan was to reach Prishtina and then whatever happens. As I probably said before, there are no direct flights Varna - Pristina, so Istanbul offers a great 6-7-8 hours connection.... :) This was my fourth Pristina experience and I have to say I get more and more fascinated by that city. I've visited this time the National Library, which is a very old building that looks like a very secured prisoner but architecture designed in such a modern way. The metal construction that surrounds the concrete foundations and building has somehow a 3D appearance and you're immediately hypnotised to explore every little detail of the huge alien art. Of course,  Pristina makes you fall in love with all the great cafes, all the delicious trendy, healthy food, the great bars and friendly people.
Inside the library
The National Library Of Kosovo

 After two days of exploring Pristina, my friends from Kosovo decided that I should meet my 30s on the beach of  Vlorë city, in Albania. So, said and done. It's a ten hours drive by a car.  Travelling is always fun, crossing the beautiful highways in Albania, seeing again beautiful and busy Tirana...perfect time. But after the highway, there was that curvylicious, bootylicious road. I will admit my stomach was influenced on that, so it needed 2-3 stops :) But it was worthy, damn worthy. One of the most beautiful views my eyed had ever caught. See, pictures below and happy birthday to me :) 

Wild Gjipe
Sunset in Drimadhë, Albania

Lazy Ride, Natural Boomerang
Panorama Llagora, Dhermi

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