Friday, 1 September 2017


 I've planned this surprising journey, especially for my younger sister. I mean, it is always a pleasure to be in London, so I had to find a good excuse. And what's better than the 18th birthday of my sister :) So, we popped up in London city on the 30th of May fresh to death.  Varna- Istanbul-London, 12 hours and life is life :) We landed at Heathrow, I have to say I love that airport, the design, the shops  and the metro connections are just a few of the great accommodations that the airport offers:) We found the hotel very easily, the city is so big and at the same time a pleasure to handle. 
The aristocracy reflection of every building makes you feel like part of the royal family. The clean roads, with all the busy people, the green parks with all the lazy people, the wide squares crowded with unique representatives of every culture. The variety of all, strangely makes the city so cosy and welcoming to me. The very first impression of my sister was the people in the metro. The careless ''we don't give a damn'' look of the day was like a slap...cause she can't go to buy bread without spending 3 hours preparing for that special event :) Yes, London is London, a culture challenge for some and deep inspiration for others...but always leaving a huge impression. When I was younger, I was dreaming to live there, it was in my mind like this is the centre of the world. Where all the singers go, where all the concerts happen, the football games, the music shops, the museums, the fast food restaurants, the parks from the movies ........all of these were making me desperately dream of Margarita living in London.......
 By the years passing, I've realised I can't move from the Balkans, we have a temperament here where you can't meet anywhere else, so London is for fun, for shopping, for feeding my hunger, for exploring and learning. It was my 3rd time and the shortest, just 3 very busy days.... What do we do when the time is pushing you, and every second is important. First, put the most comfortable shoes on. I didn't, the result was the terrible pain on my feet and brutal wounds all over them, we passed 52 km for 70 hours. I guess it's normal :) Sweet pain...!
 The first night we dedicated to our neighbourhood.... Sleeping in  Kensington and Chelsea area, Hyde Park just around the corner, there was so much to do

   After a good, good sleep, and missing half of the day , we reached Trafalgar Square...And our little walk started, continued with a little shopping and followed by a lot of food;) It was very beautiful, super crowdy, nothing surprising.....:) Must see :) The only advise I can give is if you accidentally run out of money, don't exchange on Oxford Str., you're losing one pair of good shoes....I'm still pissed when I think about that, photos below :P
When you can't feel your feet,  give them ZARA flip-flops
And, the rest of the pictures:

Hyde Park
The Swan Man - The cuttest person we've met...
The lovely one
Feeding the birds.... #love
Italian Fountains

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