Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I Need a Colorful Wall

   Hey Autumn, we weren't waiting for you at all.... :) But anyway, this is the new project from Garcia Jeans, we were wondering how to represent a small part of the 2016 Fall Trends and suddenly found this amazing and simple place.....Just those super colorful walls, the amazing clothes, and our new models :) Well, I said new, but you have to scroll down to see 'cause I'm starting out with me....So, here we are, me and the fancy blue dress...
   The first one is a super casual outfit. A very elegant dress inked colored, matching excellent to the body curves and shapes. It sets a very good mood and gives such a comfortable feeling, a food for your confidence. We have added some jewels as an accent so it gives one final touch to the whole look. I loved it, and suits perfectly to my brand new Ted Baker shoes which I have to dedicate a separate post, cause they are truly amazing :) 

 Ta daaa, we have finally a man in our women's kingdom. This is Kristian, half Italian, the other half Bulgarian. A bombing combination and perfect results.

 Check out, his sophisticated look and outfit of the day. The very stylish trench coat, a pair of baggy jeans, Garcia from head to toe,  a little charm and doesn't he look like Johnny Depp?:) 

 Third one ...... This is our Merylin..... Or Lidia Monroe :)
 The red fire soldier from our army :) I adore her sexual look :) This is her recreation for Outfit of the Day. A knee length leather skirt, braless ( :) ) white shirt, beige high heels, one big smile and leopard top :) Wow :) See first Lidia appearance for Garcia Jeans.

 Hello, boss or the well known Yana, owner of Garcia...
   Yana is the one choosing the outfits for us, and always taking care of every little detail and each small accessories we wear. She chose today for herself, this beautiful wool dress in blue and gold colors, with this fantastic casual sneakers, and a warm long jacket :) 
  And last, but not least..... This is Presi....but while looking at her photos the only association my mind comes to is the word imPRESsIve ... She is amazingly beautiful, perfectly proportioned and with the most brighten smile. She is wearing a lacy black skirt, and a dark green sweater, looking fabulous as usual.