Thursday, 11 August 2016

Soft, Delicate...Spontaneous

   Wow, what a crazy day.....shooting today was held in a spectacular place, chosen spontaneously, because girls always chase for the perfect sunlight. We had prepared one really drama queen view but we found this one instead. The place is called Pobiti Kamani, 8 km away from Varna city, Bulgaria, a beautiful historical monument. And, I have to say that it really looks very appropriate to the theme today, simple and plain we call it, Hello, Autumn. And really, it is just the beginning....Autumn 2016 seems to offer us a very cosy selection  of pleasures for the body and joy for the soul. We are showing you today, two very comfortable outfits, that could rock every Friday night. Starting with a black leather leggings, pink water color fantasy top, stylish black leather jacket. To complete the silhouette the designers of Garcia had added a gentle bijoux to the front part of the cheeky top. We have chosen lacquered pink and neon yellow high heeled shoes.  The second outfit is a terrific yellow cotton dress. Reaching the knee, perfectly fits for any occasion. Unpretentious, easy to match with literally everything, choose any shoes or sneakers, any bag , and feel ready to dance up the night:)  

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