The Ski Vacations in Livigno

The last few years, it became a tradition, early October organization, impatiently waiting 3 months and then, January pop, the group is ready to the steady and GO :) Usually around 16 to 20 pcs of crazy Bulgarians pack into a bus and a few cars and leave the city for a 2000 km adventure and 7 days full of literally everything. So, we travel a lot, it is 24 hours non stop driving, and 8 people in a bus, with different needs every 10 minutes, so 80% of the gas stations on the road are our best friends. Most of us are from Varna, Bulgaria, and we have to pass the borders of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and then Italy. Actually, it is a perfect experience, sometimes we sleep somewhere in Belgrade or drive and look at the scenery, sing songs, eat mandarins and have a pizza in Venice.

But no matter what we do, the adventure we go through, we reach at the end 
our final destination - LIVIGNO 

Maybe, now you wonder...why those people go that far, just for a ski vacation, especially if you're a Bulgarian and you are familiar with our nature and famous ski resorts like Bansko or Pamporovo. But let me just tell you a few of the advantages I have found and convinced myself to go again and again. The rest you would see in the pictures below. First, the whole company is big ski and snowboard admirers. Livigno is offering 115 km of ski slopes, duty-free zone - yes, it is incredibly cheap, everything .....drinks, hotels, ohhh and the shops, the most famous brands and the greatest fashion deals. Pffff and you're in the heart of Italy, the most amazing pasta, the most delicious dishes, MEGA unique place...DreamLand.....see a little bit;) 

welcome to Livigno

Early Quiеt Morning
Up in the mountain, the breathtaking Mottolino, and Carasello peaks......

Party in the Whiskey Break


And last, this magical Erica :) ........Have a good day::) xxx

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