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Working trip and my favourite Holland.... The main reason this time was the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair --- Click for a full gallery of amazing flower expositions:) It was very busy as usual, and as soon as I arrived after hours and hours of waiting on the airport of Vienna, i was too impatient just to find the hotel and to go out and have a lovely dinner for one, somewhere in Amsterdam....it was Thursday night and me alone in that awesome city....I've reserved a hotel near the center, but "near" in Amsterdam is different. As every big European capital, it takes one hour and something to reach the "center" on foot. So, I've decided I will take a tramp. Got full instructions from the hotel receptionist and "ready, steady, go".....:) Walked a lit bit, found a station, there are screens showing the schedule and when my tramp is expected  - in 4 minutes , I think to myself 
perfect. It came, of course on time, I went in a hurry walking to reach one of the doors when I've realized , that machine won't stop to that station, at all. Well, me freezing , first drops of rain....and tired and ignored by a train.... I decided I would walk to the next station and catch the next one..... On the way I saw some "obviously" native people and asked why these tramps are not stopping .... :) They were like aaarghh "You should wave, you should wave"....Lol, 3 minutes later me, the station , the tramp lights curving from the corner and my waving hands... I was like a robot, thinking ohh, you better stop....just keep waving...It stopped. I got inside, bought one hour ticket, sit and concentrated on my station coming up (next). I mean highly concentrated. 30 minutes later I gave up...whatever, I will go whenever I decide....Pop at the Americano Caffe. Had a quick dinner in my 
favorite place, serving french fries and creamy soup + Bitter balls and garlic butter bread....mmm :) Walk around, honestly very cold, 10 o'clock in the evening....I went straight to the only coffee shop I have found in Amsterdam...after 4 visits.... it is stupid but a fact:) Pufff Paff the whole day ....thinking how I left Varna, how I killed 5 hours in the Duty Free Zone Of Vienna , buying the most needless things, how I found the hotel and stopped a tramp all by myself.... I felt totally satisfied and ready to sleep....so, tramp again...beautiful lady on the desk, free tramp for me....and hotel. 
 Day 2 - 4 in the morning - me, working, exploring live the flowers we are about to buy and sell next week in Bulgaria:) Auctions about to start.

 The schedule continues with the Trade Fair 2016 :)

 Day 3 - Gouda city, more work and a few minutes for pictures and cheese:):):)

Day 4: Varna - Hello :)

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