Follow the Wind in My Hair To Manchester

Leaving my home town super impatiently
Adidas Fever

Dreaming About This :)
And...Say Hello to The Reason I Came For....David Beckham

The match for children organized by UNICEF and David Beckham, an event completing one of my biggest dreams, to see David B. at Old Trafford, with his number 7 and his coach Alex Ferguson, plus a whole "basket" of football legends representing one great generation. It was nostalgic. Very emotional and absolutely satisfying experience. It was held last year in November, and I traveled alone, cause no one from friends saw the unique, once a lifetime opportunity. To be part of something incredible. It was a long and lonely road....I have to say :) From Varna to London, to 12453 trains, and then Manchester. Great city, it was super cold, so I couldn't enjoy much sightseeing ....but went to the great shopping center of Arndale, had a fantastic lunch with a friend, and went to the Theater Of Dream: Old Trafford. Well, I was late for the match, because it started raining heavily (surprize) and all the taxi drivers were extremely busy....So, I've missed the first 20 minutes....but then I've joined for one spectacular scene....David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham (OMG), Alex Ferguson, Ryan Gigs, Paul Scholes, Ronaldinho, Luis Figo and so many footballers, that if you are a fan, you would melt.....If you're a girl, you would cry.This is exactly what I did, I cried like 90 % of the time I was at the stadium....:) It was just such a positive touch for my heart and such energizing experience. Also, Rita Ora sang in the half way (bLack black black widow baby), I've met such a great friend at the stadium, a Chinese girl, so we could cry together, it was a terrific trip, with amazing meetings, I had a lovely few hours in the train with a family from India, an amazingly inspirational breakfast with 84-year-old lady, a professor around the world.... Supportive and warm people, and such a beautiful 3 days...See the rest of the adventure:) 

And, of course, the whole trip from the GoPro lenses;)

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