Eastern Europe Trip

   One week journey by a car:) Again a working trip, but I was able to enjoy a lot of beautiful views. Amazing monuments and cultural treasures inspired my exploring eye:) Starting with Budapest, Hungary, where I have some hours to sleep and some hours to wander around. Just a few moments but so beautiful, the middle of November, first Christmas Decorations, perfect atmosphere besides the too, too cold weather. See my Sunday morning in the Hungarian capital, enjoying the architecture of the buildings and the great colors of the winter :) Pictures below.... 

After Budapest we headed to Lodz, Poland. That sounds pretty easy, but it turned out to be a different reality. By plan we were supposed to cross Slovakia, then Poland drive 300 km and reach our final destination. But no, we somehow enter Czech  Republic:), continued driving and driving and driving till we 100% realized it, then a few hours later we crossed the border of Poland, and a few hours later enter in sleepy Lodz. 

This is the third-largest city in Poland, it translates literally as boat. The high street and a main tourist attraction is the Piotrkowska street, one of longest commercial streets in the world. 
I highly recommend, Holiday Inn Lodz hotel, which is on Piotrkowska str., the location is perfect, there is a big parking, everyone in the hotel is nice and helpful, speaking English. Room wide, clean and modern, absolutely worthy.
The largest 19th-century textile-factory complex, built by Izrael Poznanski, has been converted to a shopping centre called "Manufaktura".

Another thing, if you're keen on eating and trying delicious things...just go there ....MANEKIN restaurant. It is just amazing.....I can't wait to go back and eat again, one of the greatest pancakes I have ever tried...Compliments to the people standing behind that tasty idea and WOW presentation:)

The "Get to know Europe" trip  continued with a snowy night in Brno, Czech Republic. Two of my classmates are living there, and since forever they are saying come to visit us, come, come....okay, we did:) I was pretty surprised. A huge (N2 in the country ) and modern city, with a very cool nightlife and pretty warm people. Definitely need a come back, we visited a few place but two of the them I want to share and if you are a guest of the city, they are a very hot spots:)


For the beer admirers:) The place is situated in a 14th century historic building. After reconstruction, in 1992 the restoraurant opened, and it offers to its guests four kind of unique Pegas beer. Also, don't miss the garlic soup, it is damn good and the grilled Hermelin....Amazing taste....I wish I could teleport there, right now:)

Second favourite place is the Non-existing Bar :)
Great cocktails and atmosphere:)

Then, we headed to Pristine, for two days of relax and a little party :)
And after 4000 km for seven days, I'm back to reality...Sofia and then, Varna......:)

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