Long Denmark Weekend

   Every journey I take and every new scene I add in my memories.....makes my travel hunger goes beyond the limit and lit my dreams for more and more great adventures. Like a drug and I guess that's absolutely normal...What I know for sure, it is too pleasurable, experience talks now :) I've decided to change the typical Christmas atmosphere, and skip all the traditions.....Santa Clause decided to give me the greatest present...a little time just for me and a long relaxing weekend in one of greatest European capitals:) So, again I packed....took the train to Sofia....met with a friend, slept there and headed to the airport. 

It was going to be 3 hours flight to Copenhagen. The Danish capital....
which I didn't know 
almost anything about. I made a big research on the internet, googled all the questions in my mind. Thanks to all the people who shared and advised me to buy a CityPASS - This is for all the trains, trams, metro and public transport in the most useful and tourists zone. You just buy it online, and take care of your phone's battery "fresh" condition :) Actually, for the 3 days I've spent in that beautiful place, I've been checked only once. And, it's better to do it in advance 'cause on the Kastrup Airport, you should have Danish coins and it's a bit complicated. I don't know why but I was a bit panicked, I guess I never want to make mistakes, so I create a lit more drama in my mind than necessary :) As soon as we've arrived I headed to the information center....:) Impatient questions: where is the metro, which line should we use and how exactly to reach Kongens Nytorv station :) A very kind lady just laughed and said walk straight, there's only one line..... Maybe, I needed 3 more minutes to realize that everything in the city is settled down to be easy and comfortable for all the people. You don't need to wonder actually about anything. Got into the metro, 5-6 stations later we've reached our final destination....And I was panicked again:) We were so hungry, the whole day I've been fantasizing about my medium fillet-o-fish meal, and decided instead of searching to ask:) A very serious man gave the following instructions to the idiot me: MAKE 1-2-3-4-5 steps....and you would see it. We all laughed, I broke all the records that day with the most stupid questions... Oh....well, we made that 5 steps....and we were there on that main street...with all the Christmas decorations and lights...warming you up...like it is not -5...
 Excitement and relief :) Dropped in McDonald like a boss, but after ordering and paying, there was the second thing which I've realized....It was very expensive. Damn, that high standard......almost 40 euros in McDonald, for 2 meals....:))))))))) Comparing to Bulgaria - 10 euros and you will feel like a royalty:) The only savior for my wallet was the fact it was Christmas, and nothing, literally nothing was opened. :) Then, we found our hotel, which was like 300 m away from that main metro station and everything important. 

Perfect location, perfect hotel. Hotel SKT. AnnÆ . A new boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen....It was just amazing. I highly recommend to everyone, with the greatest rooftop terrace. We arrived very late, so there wasn't much to do, though it was Friday night, as I said everything was closed, no clubs and bars...
On Saturday, first on the list was to visit the Den Blå Planet - the largest in Northern Europe Aquarium. Again, it's too easy to be found out with the metro, there are signs everywhere, you can't miss it, you can't skip it.                                               
The design and the shapes of the building are stunning. Too modern and too attractive. Like something extraterrestrial.
And inside......I felt like a kid...smiling, taking pictures and enjoying the underwater world....                                       
Red Piranhas 

The aquarium also includes a rain forest.......inside is around 30 degrees, 100% humidity....you can barely breathe... tropics .... the view is outstanding....there are rainbow butterflies flying around and so many unseen creatures....a totally different world...I enjoyed too much, my eyes filled with tears from that environment and the scenery I had the honor to enjoy.

View to the airport
The day continued with a walk around the city, and I still feel a little guilty cause it wasn't enough...but the weather was so rough and quick...For 10 minutes changed, offering a storm, heavy wind, and a lot of rain.....so, we had our hotel time again and rooftop pictures;) 
The night included the greatest Christmas Eve dinner:)
On Sunday, it was time for a new adventure, with a little-hidden hope, there would be life, though it was 25th of December. We took the metro and went to Malmo, Sweden.
Too beautiful to be true....
But we've lost the hope too fast...the train duration Copenhagen- Malmo is 25 minutes, it costs around 40 euros ( both direction, and one more tip, if you are two people, take a family ticket, it saves some money ). The city was damn empty but so beautiful...we walked and walked, there were beer bars and too many interesting squares and architecture.

Flower Shop Fairy Tale Display

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