Kazanlak City, Bulgaria


We stole one weekend and devoted it to nature and the lovely landscapes Bulgaria possess. The road to Kazanlak city is quite good and the city is only 300 km away from us. So, part of my friends and me packed up the luggage and teleport into the area of Kazanlak for two amazing days of exploring and discovering the little treasures of my country. We reserved a house, part of a small resort, positioned in the middle of nowhere but a forest and a beautiful dam and for the record, it is called Koprinka.
A total relaxation of the mind...In the mornings you can listen to the melody makers( a wide variety of bird orchestra ) and fulfil your eyes with the terrifying view of the water, the sky, the early waked up fisherman, the running dogs around. A perfect place for yoga practice. This is exactly how our day and night used to start and end: compliments for the body and a yoga practice.               

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Now the view: 


 We smelled lavender fields and drank lavender and rose fresh juice......Stunning.
And last, the culmination of our little countryside tripping, a super stunning symbol of a whole one buried generation. The communism in Bulgaria and the Buzludzha monument. Impressive but at the same time a full waste of concrete. The Super shameless situation that something that huge and great is not used at least as a museum and a history teacher for all the curious, young people. Check it out: 

My GoPro Activities :)))))))))) 

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