Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Why Are They So Trendy?

 I'm talking about flip flops....well, I've never believed I would wear and buy a pair and more of these walking miracles that perfectly fit every tired foot.   This is exactly why I bought, cause my feet were suffering terribly. I just entered into Zara, and they were staring at me and the rest is in the picture below, directly from the store :))) I needed 10 minutes to realise how comfortable they was the biggest relief, so once it started, now it s an obsession. :) My choice ------>


Smooth Summer

  Light sea breeze, even lighter dress, palms and sunny Sunday afternoon... We sent August in a very classy way:) With two beautiful dresses from the new Garcia collection. Comfortable and sexy as usual:)

Sunday, 3 September 2017


We've crossed the streets of Varna city and found this - very cute, vintage door entrance... I wore a jumpsuit from Garcia clothes and a pair of super sexy pink shoes.


The Beat Of A Summer Afternoon

       In the summer, in the city, is one of the most boring options.....Nothing can't be compared with an afternoon spend on a lake, with a magical corner under a magical weeping willow. We always search for a beautiful and seasonal place...this one was amazing.
 Yana chose this beautiful pink dress, and I combined it with  my lovely, orange H&M socks, plus the velvet, gold Liu Jo high heels. 
The combination is so funky and eye catchy, comfortable and very sexy :) Or at least I felt like that, while swinging round and round ...Pics below :) Dress from Garcia :)

Running Saori

     It is very hard to resist the temptations in the on line stores....Especially when you have that problem with glitter obsessions. I do, so I've added one more in the collection. The gold Running Saori Liu Jo sneakers. They are available in 3 colours and are a perfect match for every occasion. Plus, it is a super comfortable shoe, your feet would be grateful:)

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Lavender Fall In Love

 After a little pause, we are back :) The Garcia Pictures presents one little lavender journey and one little white dress:) Every single, hot summer day has its charm, and even if you complain, cause you're sweating, pissed cause the July sun rays are burning everything, you can't deny the feeling of wearing just one piece of cloth and a pair of breathing sandals. You can fly.  I hate when Yana brings something which I like so much, that I immediately must have. It happen exactly like that, the white, lace dress won. I loved it, took it and wear it :) Check out pictures, lavenders, summer and outfit idea:)