Sunday, 11 December 2016

It's Never Too Late For A Smoking Bomb

 The idea of making pictures and using these fireworks, came like an year ago....But it stick too deeply on my mind:) So, I've searched and searched but in the end a friend of mine surprise me and gave it as a gift....they travel all the way Pristine-Sofia-Varna to end it up in my hands;) I read all the instruction in Internet and warnings about them, but after 4 bombs experience I can tell for sure...Don't do it in windy time.....especially if you are near the sea...:) Don't be afraid of stains on your clothes or anything, it's just a smoke:) About the way it burns, just put it on the ground and burn it, wait 4-5 seconds till the smoke is visible and start making pictures immediately....Our bombs were around 1 minute lasting. It is a bit shocking if you breath from the smoke, it makes you choke and having  the most idiotic expression. Be professional avoid all disturbing details, you are making pictures. Do circles with bomb, figures...use your imagination. Choose carefully the background:) See our photos :) Next Project:We are waiting for snow, and meanwhile I have to find new bombs:P

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