Saturday, 17 September 2016

Inspired By a Red Wall

 Lately, we have been trying to concentrate on less simple and plain details. I kinda believe that in simplicity we find peace, so it could be a cloud in the sky, a blooming tree or a red wall. Yes, today a red wall, provoke our inspiration and lit imagination. Varna Mall's front wall is the place where we pretended to be photographers and models, all in one:) You would see 4 different outfits, presented by me, Yana and Kristina. Though, we are giving our best to forget it,  I should admit, it is the middle of September and these last days of summer are an absolute present. So, it is time think about our Autumn wardrobe and see what the latest trends say:) The first outfit which Kristina wore is а knee lengthen dress. The pleated cloth can be worn at any time and any day, chic and comfortable. It can be matched with any shoes and any bag. We have added a beautiful leather bijoux with heart shaped ornament.  

 Second - outfit of the day, worn by me:)
I had the honor to wear a fantastic, Garcia black shorts. exquisite and delicate, great touch for the skin. The decorators in Garcia combined it with a white mix dotted top, a black leather jacket and a yellow leather bag. As usual comfortable and stylish. 

And there we go, look at Yana , outfit number 3 and this fabulous yellow coat.

Without any exaggeration, the coat is a killer. The fabric, the feeling, the color, the lining all fits perfectly to complete this cloth. We combined it with a simple black leather dress, а perky scarf  in the beige shade, big yellow leather bag and casual sneakers, and baaam Yana is looking amazing.

And now, last but not least is again our favorite girl Kristina. Pff, not mentioning that she had been privileged to wear two outfits today, but doesn't she look stunning? The dark green sweater with gold welts circling around her shoulders, well this is a warm and sexy combination:) The designers combined it with purple pants and again we have a simple and stunning outfit of the day:) 

You can check personal blogs of Yana and Kris by clicking on their names:)

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