Thursday, 22 September 2016

Being Fancy is a Tough Job

We are in the garden to one of the most spectacular houses I had been lately. Well, hellooo :) Enjoying the great July afternoon, representing again Garcia's clothes , that tough job inspired us to  suggest you 5 outfits of the day.  The green grass, Kristina, me, Garcia clothes and Yana behind the camera.
Maybe, it was better to start with me and the stripes, cause this is our first OOTD wannabe. A very nice dress, fitting the body curves in an excellent way. I loved the softness of the fabric and the feeling of this dress, because honestly my first impressions were quite skeptical.  But at the end , I fall in love with this sooo trendy striped dress. Black and white, a classic fairy tale temptation

Second leader in today's top outfits of the day. Stunning Kristina and the Blue dress.
Well, let me rephrase a little blue dress. Simple, but deep this is our second OOTD. The beautiful gold clasp, the elegant way that fits to the body, the emphasized femininity all this reasons makes the dress so special.

There we go, here's number 3 and me:) Garcia gave me flowеr motives skirt in the green shadows.....That cloth brought so much  harmony and relaxation,  I mean the silk, the movement of the textile, the floral spots all are making that kind of combination, that relax you, gives you confidence and reflects trust. We simply match it with a pale green, silk shirt and a laced beige vest.

And when I mentioned green shades in last outfit, that wasn't the end. This is outfit number 4. Me modelling with the green long beauty. Long dresses are not really my style but somehow here it was love at first sight. The most gentle session so far...and it's super casual but with good accessories and shoes could be appropriate to any wedding. 

           Number Five (pics to be uploaded)....
Well, what do we have here, I see black and white, again and stripes again :) This exactly means trendy, world is crazy about stripes, fashion brings it any kinds and variations. I was so jealous of Kristina, when we saw it is her outfit... but anyway, you can see how comfortable it feels. Perfect for summer pool party, a night at the sea in a sophisticated restourant or just for  the afternoon walk in the park. Univeral and posh. 

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  1. Love all of them :)xoxo