Sunday, 31 July 2016

Beach, Please...

    Here, we go, close your eyes, and are on the beach, the catchy breeze is playing with your hair, the waves and the water are making a love serenade while sun is slowly working on your dreaming summer 2016 tan. Paradise, but in reality. I guess we are very lucky , that we live in a city located right on the sea coast of Black Sea. Where home is 5 minutes away from the salty waters and sandy beach. Yep, today's hotspot is the South Beach of Varna city. Me and my friends are representing again our lovely and favourite brand Garcia... So, check our suggestions for OOTD: I'm showing you a fantastic black beach dress which suits even more fantastically with my lace Lui Jo sunglasses.  Yana is comfortably dressed in а black cotton top and black shorts, plus a flower tiara for a completing detail of her perfect beach vision. Kristina Valerieva is giving her contribution to white parachute blouse and shorts jeans, a calm and classic look. Dimitrena had so much laugh and fun in her first cadres for Garcia. She is showing the most trendy product this summer: a gold backpack, a simple look, extravagant black top, casual shorts and the coolest final touch on the bag. The other idea for dressing and being marvellous on the beach is the green organza dress she is wearing. 

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